Jesse Richards (Johnstown, Pennsylvania)

About me:
I have always been interested in drawing and art. I started out at a young age when I would cure my boredom in class by drawing anything that came to mind. Even when called to the blackboard to solve a math problem I would leave a piece of art work. I loved drawing and expressing my emotions through my artwork and eventually my friends began to notice how exceptional my pieces were becoming. Tattooing never came to mind until someone suggested that I make an attempt at it. Soon after things changed for the worse and I had to put my aspirations to rest for a few years. When the time came I was back on my feet and ready to start over and pursue my dreams.

I began by going to local tattoo shop and learning the way of the pros. It didn’t take long until I ended up taking the position of lead artist by putting out better work then other artists.

Continuing my role as lead artist, I decided to invest in myself and become a business partner in a local tattoo shop. Over time I became unsatisfied with the shops operations, which eventually led to a reorganization of the shops management and ownership.

Under new ownership, the shop was rebranded as New Breed Tattoos, a name that reflects our personas well.

I am now the owner of New Breed Tattoos and along with the help of my apprentice we are striving to put our best work forward, and create custom art that will last a lifetime.

About the shop:
My shop has a warm touch, kinda classic in a way, with a new school attitude of art. There are plenty of my own drawings hanging on the wall, no flash. I work with my clients for a period of time guaranteeing them a one of a kind piece of work. Everything we do here is completely custom.

Style of work:
I’m more of an all-around artist, i have no limitations or specific style but i do have a passion for photo realism and flowers tend to catch my attention.

What inspires you as an artist?
Creating the unpredictable and unthinkable. My mind is full of ideas and my imagination runs wild. Drawing is how i express my thoughts and feelings and i love seeing what my mind puts on paper. I also enjoy running into previous clients and seeing how proud they are to be wearing a piece of my artwork on their body.


Brandon Adams (Johnstown, Pennsylvania)

My journey into the world of tattooing started when friends and family witnessed the ease in my ability to draw, which naturally progressed into a deep passion for this medium. Ultimately, this led to the suggestion that I start tattooing. I received some of my first tattoos from Jesse. He recognized my abilities and mentioned that I should apprentice for him at his old shop AAA Tattoos in Johnstown, PA.

Following the reorganization of the shops’ ownership, I stuck by Jesse’s side and helped with the growth of the business.  With becoming a professional tattoo artist in 2010, tattooing and everything to do with this art medium, has been ingrained in my life. I tenaciously strive to advance myself in this art medium, and consistently work in giving my all to satisfy my clients. I look towards advancing my skills by challenging myself to ink larger, more detailed body work. As I engage in this personal challenge, and continue to build on my current strengths, I aim to maintain the highly positive reputation that I have come to receive from those that I have had the pleasure of tattooing.

About the shop:
The shop has a very comfortable and professional atmosphere, and as a result, our clients have come to enjoy their time and experiences here. Both Jesse and I take part in custom free hand tattoos. Here at New Breed Tattoos we are always open to new challenges, and thrive to better ourselves in this industry.

Style of work:
I enjoy multiple styles of tattooing, however, I personally like working with more  new school themes, which are often accompanied by heavy color pigments. Although I consistently aim to keep with the client’s vision for their tattoo, I will not shy away from giving recommendations and suggestions.

What inspires you as an artist?

I genuinely cannot give an explanation as to where ideas for my artwork come from. To take a stab at answering this, I would say that personal experiences and life events are my inspiration. The inspiration for the art, flows from my mind to the canvas, whether it’s on skin or paper.


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